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one to one coursesMassive Open Online Courses (MOOC) is not our concept. We believe in one on one training in which the trainee has the opportunity to gain some knowledge and experience from the trainer.

Bernard FEVRY

Bernard FEVRY is a French Certified Public Accountant, Legal Auditor and EMBA INSEAD. After an experience as financial manager in a Swiss pharmaceutical company, he runs an auditing agency in France and a financial consultancy company in Switzerland.

He taught as a lecturer at HEC PARIS School of Management and ESCP Europe, his main topics are the financial accounting, the corporate finance, the financial markets and the Islamic finance in MBA et EMBA programs. He conducts also intra-companies seminars in corporate finance, value creation and financial modeling analysis for international groups. He is the writer of many books and articles.

Why you will decide to undertake our training ?

  • Our courses are viewable at any time and anywhere
  • Every module can be split based on your availability
  • Every module includes a practical case and a post test to check the progress of your knowledge
  • Every course gives you a free access to our help desk during the training

Training map of one course

Every course is designed by step by step modules based on storytelling
Every module is recorded in a video which contains:

  • The learning objectives
  • An introduction with a short quiz
  • The development of the topic
  • The key points to remember
  • A practical case
  • A post test

The personal work necessary to complete a module is estimated at 1 hour.

The course is paid in advance on a monthly basis.

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