FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING FOR MBA STUDENTS: Reviewing the basics of financial accounting


->15 lessons

->30 hours of personal work

->Permanent follow-up with a set of practical exercises

->Free access to the teacher through the help desk

->1 book: “the 88 essentials a MBA student must know in financial accounting”

->Duration: 3 weeks

->Tuition fees: $ 675



Product Description


Bernard FEVRY will help you to understand the process used by accountants to prepare the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement for the financial reporting.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Master the accounting process and the accounting language
  • Record basic transactions and adjustment entries
  • Better communicate with companies’ accountants


  • MBA students to get a head start at the beginning of classes and master financial analysis
  • Universities and business schools to lighten their already overburdened MBA program
  • Managers to know the process of building the financial statements


->The different steps of the accounting process

  • The chart of accounts
  • The journal
  • The ledger
  • The trial balance
  • The adjustment process
  • The closing process

->The depreciation calculation

  • Depreciation: what for?
  • The 5 necessary parameters
  • The 4 methods
  • Calculation with the straight line method
  • Calculation with the double declining method
  • How to record the resale of an asset?