Applied Mathematics in Management


  • The course includes 6 modules with a different level of difficulty.
  • Each module is independent from the others but it is more useful to read them in order from 1 to 6
  • If your knowledge in mathematics acquired at the college or the high school is still fresh, the first 2 modules will be very easy for you and you can skip them.
  • If you are already an expert in statistics and in probability, you can also skip the 2 last modules.
  • Every module contains a video of 30 to 60 minutes.
  • We advise you to read it in totality and then to focus on the sequences harder for you.
  • You can stop and rewind the video at your discretion.
  • Every module is summarized in a Powerpoint file to be downloaded.
  • At last, you can test your skills: 3 to 4 practical exercises are offered to you for each module in a Word file.
  • A quick solution is given to check your expertise.
  • If you are stuck by one problem and cannot find the proposed solution, don’t hesitate to send me an emergency mail ( to explain your trouble.
  • Usually one module takes an average time of 2 hours (video, reviews and solutions of problems).
  • The final exam will be organized at ESA and will be directly linked to the problems proposed in the modules.

Bernard FEVRY